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Our Company founded in 1950 as ÖZ CIVATA ,is one of the oldest leading fastener producers of Turkey.In 1974 we moved to our own current building and became a joint stock company as AS CIVATA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. Due to our experience in production of fasteners for 50 years ,we supply even most strategical domestic and overseas industries as to be seen in our references . In recent years we concentrated us mainly in production of fasteners for steel structures and petroleum industry.

We are also distributers of Köster & Co. GmbH, Hilbig GmbH, August Friedberg GmbH and Lippische Eisenindustrie GmbH in Türkiye, which are the leaders of their sectors in the World.

Steel Construction Industry


For more than 100years, The Company has been manufacturing high grade connecting and fastening systems and became the leader of its sector. August Friedberg Company mainly manufactures for the following areas:

  • Automotive industry,
  • Wind energy industry,
  • Steel- and building constructions industry.

Since 1952, the Company has been manufacturing stud welding machines, guns and related equipments along with threaded, unthreaded, partially threaded, tapped studs, shear connectors,refractory anchors and insulation pins with its innovative technology in 80 diffrent countries around the world. KÖCO Stud welding technology is suitable for applications in :
  • Composite constructures of steel and concrete,
  • Steel Construction,
  • Refractory industry,
  • Vehicle manufacturing industry,
  • Shipbuilding industry.
LIPPISCHE Eisenindustrie GmbH :

The company has been manufacturing high quality nuts, size range from M12(1/2") to M64(2.1/4").Steel nuts and hot forged parts according to DIN or your drawing:
  • Hexagon nuts,
  • Heavy nuts,
  • Slotted nuts,
  • Lock nuts Nylon insert, Collar and Cone,
  • Jam nuts,
  • Flange nuts, square nuts, wheel nuts, Special parts to drawing.

The Company has been manufacturing Tie-Rod systems and Compression-Rod systems nominal size range from M12 to M160 and its tool-sets. Especially it has been preferred to use in cable suspension bridges, stadiums and exhibition centers.
Yachts & Ship-Building Industry

HiLBiG GmbH:

Hilbig GmbH develops and produces high speed fastening systems for the ship building industry, products which we sell worldwide. All systems are fixed with stud welding, a high speed welding process. Since 1985, we have achieved a technical advantage for our customers by consistant market and service orientation and the development of innovative patented products.The advantages of using our products as follows;

  • Deck Plate Fairing,
  • Electro installation,
  • Interior and outfits,
  • Welding Studs (threaded, unthreaded, partially threaded, tapped studs, insulation pins),
  • Templates for stud welding on Manholes.

The Company was built in 1965 in Germany.It has been manufacturing AISI 316 Stainless Steel and Titan fittings used specifically in yacht equipments (cleats, anchor and equipment, anodes, antenna holder, hinges, lockings, mooringhooks, railing, shakles, scuppers, tank and tanklocks).




  • Composite structures of steel and concrete
    (Bridge building, high rise buildings, industrial building, multi-storey car parks, prefabricated structures, foundation work and tunnelling, hydraulic steel work)
  • Steel Construction
    (Mounting of facedes, pillars, rails)
  • Shipbuilding
    (Assembly devices, insulations, cable tracks and fastening of equipment, anti-skid flooring on ramps, production of manhole rings, etc...)
  • Construction of containers and machinery
    (Boilers, chemical laboratory equipment, tanks, ventilation and air conditioning technology, switchboards, billboards, food industry, domestic appliances )
  • Vehicle construction
    (Fastening of cables and leads, decoreative borders, earthing studs, linings, etc. )
  • Refractory Industry
    ( Fastening of fire-proof concrete, ceramic linings, fibre mats in kilns, boilers, waste incinerators, etc...)
  • Power plants and facilities
    (Wind power stations,Thermal power plants,Nuclear power plants,Natural gas-cycle stations and dams.)
  • Production and processing of raw materials
    (anti-wear studs, spikes, mounting of hard facings)


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