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  •   HIGH TENSILE FASTENERS according to TSE, ISO, ASME/ANSI, UNI, BS, ASA, AFNOR, NFE, for GV, SL, GVP, and SLP connections in steel constructions
  •   DIN 6914, 6915, 6916, 6917 and 6918 HV Bolts, Nuts and Washers
  •   DIN 7999 HVP Bolts DIN 7990 Bolts, DIN 555 Nuts DIN 7989, DIN 125 Washers Space Frame Bolts

  • Anchor Bolts 
  • Plow Bolts
  • Track Bolts
  • Cap Bolts
  • Hex. Bolts
  • Stud Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Special Bolts.Acc. To Drawing
    KÖCO Stud Welding Technology
    KÖCO stud welding is a safe high-performance fastening technology offering the user an enormous potential for cost reduction. With KÖCO stud welding technology threaded and unthreaded studs, shear connectors and refractory anchors, etc. With diameters ranging from 2 to 25mm, are joined to metal sheets, pipes, profiles, etc. by instantaneous cross-sectional welding. Some costly and time-consuming operations,such as drilling, threading, screwing or manual welding,are no longer necessary.
  • A high degree of safety, thanks to cross-sectional joints
  • High productivity through extremely short welding time
  • Options for various combinations of materials
  • Distortion reduced to a minimum through low thermal stress
  • Very little or no demage to the reverse side
  • Hollow parts remain leakproof
  • Access to parts from one side only is sufficient
  • Easy to operate for personal trained on the job
  • Conform to international standards:EN ISO 14555 and EN ISO 13918
  • Shear connectors officially approved: Approval(Zulassung) No.Z-21.5-280
  • Innovative stud welding equipment and welding studs fron in-house production
  • Drawn-arc Stud Welding
    Drawn-arc stud welding is used for the welding of metallic parts, generally of cylindrical shape, onto metallic workpieces. For tis purpose, a DC power source and a mobile device, the welding gun are required. Depending on the type of welding pool protection and welding time range used to, the appropiate process may be stud welding with a "ceramic ferrule" or "shielding gas" or, "short-cycle stud welding" ,either with or without shielding gas.

    Video of the stud welding technology for shipbuilding  industry can be seen above
    Welding Gun
    In drawn-arc stud welding the welding gun is used to generate the arc between stud and workpiece, and to unite the two welding pools at the end of welding time. They can weld from 3mm to 25mm.
    KÖCO Stud welding technology is suitable for applications in
  •  Power plants and facilities
  •  Composite structures of steel and concrete
  •  Steel construction
  •  Shipbuilding
  •  Construction of containers and machinery
  •  Vehicle construction
  •  Refractory Industry
  •  Production and processing of raw materials

  • Click Picture to see the catalogue of Stud welding Guns
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