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DIN Illustration Designation DIN Illustration Designation
961 Hexagon head screws with metric fine pitch thread 6916 Plain washers for steelconst. hardened and tempered
963 Slotted countersunk head screws 6917 Square taper washers for I - sections high tensile
975 Threaded Rods 6918 Square taper washers for U - sections high tensile
976 Stud Bolts with or without chamfer 7964 Bolts with coarse thread and reduced shank
979 Hexagon thin slotted and castle nuts 7967 Self - locking counter nuts
980 Prevailing torque type hex nuts;all - metal nuts 7968 Hexagon fitted bolts for steel structures
982 Nylon inserted self -locking nuts ( Form P ) 7989 Washeres for steel constructions
985 Nylon inserted self -locking nuts ( Form T ) 7990 Hexagon bolts and nuts for steel structures
986 Self -locking domed cap nuts nylon insert 7991 Hexagon socket countersunk head screws

Hexagon domed nuts, full pattern

7999 Hex. fit bolts for steel Structures with large SW
2510 Bolted Connections with reduced shank 9021 Flat washers outside diameter ~ 3 x Boltdiameter
6796 Conical spring washers

6914 Hex Bolts with large Widths accross flats for steel structures      
6915 Hex Nuts with large Widths accross flats for steel structures      
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