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ISO Illustration Designation ISO Illustration Designation
2009 Slotted countersunk head screws 4775 Hex nuts for high-strength structural bolting
4014 Hexagon head bolts Product grades A and B 7411 Hex bolts for high-strength structural bolting
4016 Hex. head bolts Product grade C

7412 Hex bolts for high-strength structural bolting
4017 Hexagon head screws Product grades A and B 7413 Hexagon nuts , Style 1 for structural bolting
4018 Hexagon head screws Product grade C 7414 Hexagon nuts for steel structures with large SW
4032 Hexagon nuts , Style 1 Product grades A and B 8673 Hexagon nuts , Style 1 metric fine pitch thread
4033 Hexagon nuts , Style 2 Product grades A and B 8674 Hexagon nuts, Style 2 metric fine pitch thread
4034 Hexagon nuts Product grade C 8676 Hexagon head screws with metric fine pitch thread
4762 - Hexagon socket head cap screws Product grade A 8765 Hexagon head bolts with metric fine pitch thread
B18.2.1 T2 - Hex Bolts B18.3 T1A Hexagon and Spline Socket Head Cap Screws
B18.2.1 T3 Heavy Hex Bolts B18.3 T2 A Hex.and Spline Socket Flat Countersunk Head Cap S.
B18.2.2 T3 - Hex Nuts and Hex Jam Nuts B18.5 T 2 Round Head Square Neck Bolts
B18.2.2 T4 Hex Slotted Nuts B16. 5 Stud Bolts
B18.2.2 T9 Heavy Hex Nuts and Heavy Hex Jam Nuts      


Plow Bolts Rim Bolts
High Tensile Ttrack Shoe Bolts Rim Bolts
Cap Bolts Space Frame Bolts
Fish Bolts Bolts for Points
Hammerhead Bolts Bolts for guard rails tie bars
Hammerhead Bolts  
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